Ron Rossello and George Nichols started R & G Sales Inc. in Mesa, Arizona, on March 26, 1981.

We started with four manufacturers, and we knew our wholesalers were going to sell “whatever the plumber came in and asked for.” That reality was driven home very early; and we targeted the secondary market (our customer’s customer) as the area in which we would spend most of our energies. That led us to develop strong relationships with both plumbers and builders. We now have twenty plus years experience with this work philosophy, and it has helped us grow our market share for each of our manufacturers. As a result, we continue to grow and expand our lines as well as our territories

We offer the following services to our manufacturers:

1. Our warehouse stores consigned inventories from factories.
2. We have two offices: Phoenix and Las Vegas.
3. Our people are trained to sell the features and benefits of each of the products we represent.

We know that we exist only because we add value. Our goal is to search constantly for more and better ways to add that value. Some of our wholesalers ask us to work with them on the HVAC side of the industry, and we now represent some of the highest quality lines in the heating field.

At R & G Sales Inc., we know the industry is changing daily. We plan on being a part of that change. We are preparing ourselves to take advantage of those opportunities.

Our Phoenix Location

Our 7205 square foot building includes several offices and warehousing. It also includes a meeting/ training / conference room as well as offices for our staff. We have two docking doors, one of which, is a truck well to handle the heavy loads efficiently.